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Most aspects of my practice have grown from the allure of colour; from my choice of materials to the forms that I explore. The iridescence of heat-coloured Shibuichi draws me in, and so the forms I create are all about protection, creating the perfect stage for colour to rest on and be sheltered by. Fences, domes, and layering webs of wire are my mechanisms. The impermanence and fragility of this iridescence is my interest and concern.

Having a material and process driven practice I utilise and unite elements of unpredictability and chance with carefully considered pattern and repetition. Heat plays an essential part in the making process, and the variable nature of the metal when introduced to heat helps to determine the shape and colour. This collaboration between metal, flame and the hand of the artist is essential in forming the works.

Information about material/technique:

The material used is the Japanese alloy, Shibuichi. This is made up of 75% copper and 25% silver. These pieces are constructed by fusing formed elements together, and the colours that result are a natural reaction between heat and the thick oxide layer that develops on the surface. No flux, solder, pickle or any chemicals are used in the making of these pieces. All brooch backings are stainless steel wire.

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